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Did you know that your pet consumes its food depending on its energy requirements? Find out about the factors that determine your pet's diet

Lifestage: Puppies and kittens require high energy compared to adults because of rapid growth and high activity levels whereas senior pets require less energy because of inactiveness at that particular age.
Activity level: If a pet is inactive, then the energy requirement is 20% less than a pet which is active. If a pet does light work in a day then the energy requirement is 40-50% more than a normal active dog and will be more up to 100-200% for a dog which is heavy working every day.
Physiological status: Pregnancy, lactation & neutering influence a pet’s energy requirements. A pregnant pet may require 30% more energy than a normal adult. Lactating pet's energy requirement increases by 25% per puppy. A neutered pet requires 30% less energy compared to a normal adult.
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